sunnuntai 10. tammikuuta 2010

So here we go

I've been thinking about making a weblog (yeah I like the old name better) of my own for some time now. Well here it is. This is nothing special, just me writing about the games I play and sometimes venting my frustration. This will not be up to date or newsblog, and might have way too much content about World of Warcraft. Anyhow... Here we go.

So Steam had this holiday sale, and I grabbed few games. One of them was Battlefield 2 and I have been playing it almost non stop since. If you don't know the game (Do you live under a rock? What the heck are you doing on a gaming blog?) it's supposed to be teamwork based military combat multiplayer game. The teamwork part is what I'm going to focus today.

Ok lets start with the most annoying part. Why the heck do you assign as squad leader if you don't give out one single order?! While commanders are important, the squad leaders are what makes your team win. Lets take an example: Team A lost 4 rounds (2 rounds per map so you need to play on both sides once) and I was trying to swap on a squad that actually played together. Ok I found one on each round, but the leaders seemed to just hit attack command on the closest capture point and go with it until it was taken or the round ended. As said before the enemy wiped the floor with us.
After those 4 rounds I decided that this time I will be the damn leader. Holy crap we won! For 6 rounds in a row our team kicked their butts 10-0 and my squad was always awarded as the best squad. It's not that hard actually. If half of the enemy team is in point 1 take your squad to point 2. If you can't take it change to 3 or back to 1. The only thing you need to do is being active. If the squad keeps dying on one point then change to another. Well all is good in the offensive now, but one of our key capture points keeps getting way too much attention. How about some defense? As hard it might sound you CAN order your team defend. It's not that far away from the attack command. I myself love the extra points from "defended flag".

Then there's the other annoyance. Snipers. The scoped rifle is a damn good weapon but how about actually helping the squad instead of soloing as many kills as possible? I just don't know why the damn sniper is put on every game as it's a known fact that 90% of the snipers just gather kills. Ok now that every sniper hates me I can go to the tactics you should use.
Instead of camping in one spot you might want to actually check the orders. Find a good spot near the capture point and take out the defenders while everyone else does the actual capturing. I know you get loads of points by just camping one respawn point, but it really doesn't help anyone. I'm still higher than you in points with 32 deaths and just one kill thanks to my capture points. All you soloing snipers are is an annoyance that makes me wait for another respawn.

I think that's all I wanted to say today. The vehicle hoggers are something everyone knows already.

Oh and I suck at killing things. That's why I'm at my best as a squad leader medic. Done most of my promotions that way.

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