torstai 16. joulukuuta 2010

Lets try this again...

So my first try as a blogger was a pure clusterfuck. My computer died on me, and I was going to save money for a new one. Actually just my graphics card died, but this thing runs with AGP so I kinda needed to update the whole system. Luckily a friend of mine beat me to it and sent me his old craphs card.

Don't get me wrong thou. I HAVE been playing the whole year, but with my laptop it hasn't been anything worth of writing. I could have been telling you how great Minecraft is or how awesome mods there are for Jagged Alliance 2, but everyone else does that already.

I like to rant so here we go!

A journal of one craphics card

Day 1

Ooh my friend finally sent me the card! Eep! Now just to go grab it from the postal office... Hmm there's a liquor store right next to it. Brr! Cold. At least I have the card now.

Few minutes of calling around, so I could get a ride to pick up my old computer from a storage. Yay! Picking it up tomorrow. Bottoms up!

Day 2

Ok picked up the computer. Saw my father while I was at it. We even managed to be civil. The hangover didn't help thou. Damn I don't have the energy to start today. Laptop+Minecraft.

Day 3

Goddamnit! I thought I hauled all the wires I needed. Walking back to the storage.

Memo to me: Sweat pants are not winter wear (-22C). I have frost in places I really don't want.

What the... This thing freezes right at the start! Oh right this motherboard has problems with S-ATA (yeah it's that old). After a couple of hours of getting frustrated and yelling at BIOS I think it's safe to say I am better off without RAIDs. Now just the updating... Let's see. Anti-virus, firewall and of course the new card. Oh and of course Windows is starting with all those updates that have popped up in a year. Dumdeedum... I think I should go do something else while waiting.

Day 4

Where the fuck do you actually get drivers on this piece of shit card?! Two goddamn hours roaming around driver sites (before you ask, yes I did go to the official sites first), and I have TEN different packages of drivers and not one of them works. What the hell is this shit where it installs CCC and the drivers, but it doesn't show anywhere? Nothing new in the add/remove, windows still not knowing what the fuck this thing inside the case is and nothing new in the registry. These didn't even give me a "wrong driver" warning or anything. Argh! Maybe I could read the installation cd with my laptop and transfer the image via LAN (oh my desktop dvd-drive is S-ATA... Those things I decided not to bother with earlier, if you don't remember).

Well fuck you and your goddamn family and future children! Because my last update to my desktop Windows was in the year fire was born I just can't connect these two. To hell with this!

Day 5

What the hell do I do with a flash-drive? The only times I actually need the damn thing I can't find it anywhere. And I really mean it. I HAVE NEVER FOUND THE GODDAMN PIECE OF CRAP WHEN I HAVE ACTUALLY NEEDED IT. I think it still has my Cyberpunk book scans, that I have on this thing and my laptop already. Useful little fucker, huh? Back to searching the net...

Oh for crying out loud! Now this motherfucking piece of ... about a hour of swearing cut off for your pleasure ... just shut down and doesn't start up again! Nothing else to do but the take this shit apart and see what's wrong... Fuck it, let's see if I have the energy tomorrow.

Day 6

*sighs and kicks the damn thing before going to do something at least nearly useful*

Day 7

Well I'll be damned! Even I can be lucky sometimes. After I just cleaned the power supply and processor it actually decided to work again. I even found my flashdrive while I was rummaging my closet for the pressured air can. I wonder how it got there.

Okay, it's starting to be late but I have updated somewhat everything important except the Windows autoupdates. Wonder if I could pla... Oh for the love of god! It died on me again!

Tired... Been trying to figure out whats wrong by just stressing this shit. It seems that my power supply's fan is a bit too old for it's job. Maybe if I crank the whole power out of the case it might stay cool enough. Gotta get a new one soon. Sleepy...

Day 8

Seems like my MacGyver patent works for now. Still need to get a new powersupply, and download all those windows updates, but everything else is done. I still have this old problem with my integrated soundboard, but fuck it. I can live with mono for now. It still beats playing on that laptop, as in something else than 10 year old or indie games actually work. Maybe I can beg my friend for his old soundblaster too or grab one of those usb thingies later. Not gonna buy a real soundcard as those things have like 84.12 channels and hence cost a shitload of money... And I have headphones...

As fucked up as it was I still love this old piece of junk. You know why? Because it's MINE. MY sweat, tears and blood made this thing run again, and goddamn it's awesome to play with him again (I named him Takaya Todoroki). I could have bought a new XBOX ( I have the old one somewhere) like a half a year ago, but I decided to save up for new PC, so I could build it myself. Now that I fought this old one back to life it's like ten times better than just dropping on the couch and turning on the box. Don't get me wrong. I like consoles too, but they just don't have that personality.


Now I'm off to play. See you the next time I get pissed off... Or next time this thing works, whatever.

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