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Adventures of spaceship Nyema. Fourth entry.

 I got the next part to the story of spaceship Nyema!


This is captain Lagardi of Federal Spaceship Benevolence. We are looking for a scout ship named Nyema, the ship which was supposed to steal and deliver military intel from the rebels. It was already four days late of the planned arrival and we had not heard a word of them. General Markand decided that we should do a rescue operation. Some of the rebel fleet's vanguard ships have already reached the base of operations and there are definitely more coming. If we had received that intel in time we could have prepared better, but since the attack started this has been a losing battle. I think it's useless to even look for Nyema anymore.


They may have tried to use the safer route through the engi sector nearby.


We found a ship with federal markings on it. This far from the base of operations it can be no other than Nyema. I send Corporal Baars to investigate.

There are five dead people on the ship, Captain Aiden, Borman and an unidentified engi male. Body of Howard was not found. There are also two bodies with rebel uniforms. Telemetry indicates heavy ion damage prior to boarding.


I think it's better not to return to the base. We must find a safer place elsewhere to take shelter from the war.

I leave my log, along with captain Aiden's log we found hidden on Nyema, in this preservation capsule. Whoever finds it, consider it as part of history of the greatest war humankind has ever seen. I do this to silently respect the memory of the very brave people who met their untimely demise while serving the federation. May their souls rest in peace.

This will be my last entry.

Captain Lagardi, Spaceship Benevolence, United Space Federation.

May gods be with you all.



It seems like captain Aiden didn't make it. Rest in peace heroes. You did all you could.

That's it for the FTL story, so next update (whenever it will be) is going to be about me, myself and my games. Once again thanks to our anonymous contributor. See you all next time.

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