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What? Three years now? Huh... Well I don't know about all that because I got frozen in carbonite by... No I did NOT steal that from Star Wars! No YOU suck!

Regardless of my reasons of silence, I welcome you back to MyGames (not trademarked or profitable name in any way as I don't update this shit ever). Soooo... I'll move to the gaming stuff now.


Oh god I love indie developers. Crappy computer? No sweat! Most of these things run on ten years old stuff! Low on cash? Yeah... I just got 14 games for 10€ (and shitloads for free). Bored of the sequels that are just better looking versions of the last one without any real changes? Try indie!

Sorry for the foul mouth before, but I really can't stress enough how much indie games mean to me. When you don't have huge budget to make your game look great, you have to make the game good. We have seen this in the past years with things like Minecraft, World of Goo, Faster Than Light, Torchlight and many others.

Today I will tell you about some of my favorite indie games.

The most recent one: Papers, Please

"That stupid spot-the-difference game? Are you an idiot" Says the imaginary person I just made up in my mind.
The game might sound simple when you try to describe it, but try it out. You'll be surprised. Were you pissed off because Mass Effect simplified the ending into three generic versions that had nothing to do with your character? Papers, Please has 20 different endings that depend on your actions alone. Even the "spot the difference" is made interesting. You have limited space on your desk, so you need to figure out what papers you want to check at the same time. The bacround story is actually clever and doesn't shove the "right" way down your throat at any time.

The most I have played: FTL: Faster Than Light

If you don't have this you are a horrible person, and should go and make that right. Idea is Sci-Fi roguelike (roguelike means the playtroughs are random and you need some luck to even survive. Plus permadeath... ) where you don't actually fly a starship, but manage the crew and equipment. I could go on and on about this game and how great it is, but just buy it. It's worth the few coins.

The most oldschool one: Legend of Grimrock

Good news everybody! You don't even need a PC for this one. A tablet version is just as good (minus the graphics, but that's not a big deal). Remember old Eye of the Beholder? Anything like that? No? Get off my lawn!
Simple puzzle/action/adventure where you move in 90 decree turns and square by square steps. Sounds simple, but your brain will overload, if not with the regular puzzles, then with those extra doors.

The actually most recent one: Shadowrun Returns

Oops! I messed up the first entry! Still I'm too lazy to write it again, so here we go.
Someone actually said this about the new Shadowrun: "I thought I bought a game, but I got an ebook"
Isn't that great!? You get a great story with the game! To be honest the game itself isn't anything groundbreaking, but the dialogue is some of the best I have seen in any game (ok few typos and so on, but thats just indie for you). It really gives off that Shadowrun vibe. I would love to see something like this with Cyberpunk 2020 world. I'm not a fan of magic, but at the moment this is the best Cyberpunk story in a videogame (Yes I know of both Deus Ex's and I love them, but the story could take notes from SR for the next one). Add a free campaign editor and you get shitloads of fun with just fifth of a regular game's price.

The most Telltale one: Everything!

Yes I count Telltale as an Indie developer. Why not?
Anyway. I still haven't found a single Telltale game that is not worth it's price. Sam 'n Max! Tales of monkey Island! Awesome! They friggin' made Back to the future IV, and it really is all that it's supposed to be. Their Walking Dead is one of the best zombie stories of all time. What do you still want? Go buy that shit! Haven't played the Jurassic Park yet, but I have no reason to doubt it wouldn't be good too.

The most "needs a mention too" ones:

Just quick notes of some things I liked too, but couldn't write a decent short sum-up from.
  Kerbal Space Program (rockets are fun!), Dungeons of Dredmor (Funnier version of Nethack), CartLife (I don't know why, but this thing is addictive), Frozen Synapse (just check it), Monaco: What is yours is mine (absolutely hilarious with few friends), Retro City Rampage (16bit GTA) and of course Unreal World (Nothing to do with the Unreal series. It's a friggin' starving simulator).

Thats it today. Hope it doesn't take three more years to actually update this again.


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