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I got mail?

So I got a couple of emails about my last post, which is great because I didn't know anyone actually cared about my little blog enough to bother writing me. So thanks for that.

Anyway. I decided to comment a bit why I left few loved franchises out of the post yesterday. I did answer you guys personally, so check your inboxes. I just figured out I could save some time if someone new wanders in later.

Almost every mail was about why I mentioned Call of Duty and skipped Battlefield. Well Battlefield didn't really do anything new on the console front. It mostly just took notes from CoD playbook and tuned up the same game I have been playing on PC for long before Xbox 360 or PS3 came along. Even the stuff I have read about BF4 on the new gen consoles don't really have anything I haven't seen already on PC. 64 players? Well it's nice for consoles, but earlier Battlefields allow 128 on PC. A single player campaign? Call of Duty did it better, and I don't really think Battlefield needs one. Call of Duty made console FPS games smooth and fun to play with a pad. If you compare console CoD and the PC version they really don't feel that much different, which is something I never thought I would say because I really suck with a pad on most FPS games. You could argue that Halo did it first, but still CoD honed it to perfection and after that everyone has copied from it. I still don't like the game in general but I have to give it the great controls and addictive multiplayer (if you like that kind of fast paced action).

Next there was Diablo 3. I gotta say I really forgot about that one. It was kinda big deal for consoles as there wasn't any Diablo clones or anything that would really work with a pad as good as with a mouse, so consoles basicly picked up a new genre just like that. I probably forgot to mention it because I didn't really like Diablo 3 that much. Torchlight 2 did it better and actually worked from the start. Console version of D3 fixed most of the annoyances I had with the game, but still I didn't really care about it. Also I don't own a console, so I haven't played the console version much.

The rest were easier to explain. Almost everything else I left out was because they didn't do anything actually new. I don't care how great graphics someone got out of that crappy hardware because I already saw better graphics on PC and I didn't care then. While Telltale made adventure games cool again on the consoles, there has been a lot of adventure games before those. It's just that no one cared. Also you should know by now that I love them and I don't like to repeat it over and over again. Lets see what else there was... Puzzle games pretty much started with consoles so, no matter how good, it's done already. Wii was skipped because Wii U isn't really new gen, but updated version of Wii. Portables were skipped because they aren't changing generations.

There's one thing I really missed as a whole. I forgot that while original Xbox already had a lot of network multiplayer games, it was this generation that really made it work. It might be because I'm just so used to being able to easily play over the net on PC that I didn't think about how big leap it was for console games.

I think I went through everything, but if you like to point out some game that really changed the console gaming just let me know. I know I'm not an expert on this area and I might have missed something important.

For the new readers (is there any?) that haven't seen the old blog: You can contact me at if you have something to say, but don't want to put it in comments.

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