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New generation consoles! Yay?

So the new consoles have arrived... well not here, but whatever. I don't really care about consoles as I mostly play on my PC, but there is one thing I love about the new gen: They are more or less just PC:s with unified parts, and finally they start to catch up with the power.

So why is that good for a PC gamer? The guys that make the games don't need to mess with the code too much to make the PC version. We probably won't see GTA IV style fuckups because even some outsourced studio can optimize the code to work with a different kind of PC. Also we don't need to get stuck with some Xbox grade craphics with the goddamn gaming rig thanks to consoles being the primary platform.

No matter how much I hated the old consoles keeping back my games technologywise, I would still like to honor some of the most awesome games of the last generation consoles. This is of course my own opinion and most of these I have only played on PC.

Let the list begin!

Dragon age: Origins - They fucked up the second one, but the original was a great game. In the time of too easy to fail buttonsmashers this one got us back to the roots of action RPG's. Back to the gates of Baldur. While the action was great and didn't pander to the "this is too hard!" -crew, the story was still what took the spotlight. I'll keep my fingers crossed for the next one being more like Origins. I could whine about the console version being easier and whatnot, but I haven't played it much. The thing is that no one would have made that kind of big budget game just for PC at that point.

Mass Effect - Another BioWare game? Oh well. Mass Effect was a great trilogy. Even the ending was ok NO NO HEAR ME OUT! Yes BioWare promised those choices would be with you to the end. Yes those three choices were a friggin' letdown. Yes even the "fixed" ending is nothing we were promised. Still untill that ending it was the best epic sci-fi game I had seen in a long time. I can't thrash the whole story because the last ten minutes weren't what we were promised.

Guitar Hero/Rock band - I know! No one cares about those anymore, but for some time those were just SO much fun. They also showed that unique controllers are not always a bad thing. Maybe someone else makes something even better after the music games did so good.

Call of motherfucking duty: Modern fucking warfare - As much as I hate this game I can't deny it's merits. It showed us that gamepad CAN be used for first person shooters. It took Halo and made it look like Hollywood blockbuster. Thanks to that we will never run out of shooters as long as humanity as a whole doesn't stop loving to shoot things.

Elder scrolls V: Skyrim - Even these machines with low memory and pretty outdated processors could run a huge dynamic world. While I think it would have been even better if it was made only for PC, I can't help but wonder how great job those guys did with those limitations. The game has next to zero loading screens and the world really is dynamic and huge. Still with all the technical problems they didn't forget a great story. I'll skip Fallout: New Vegas because it would be pretty much the same entry.

A couple of good games I loved, but don't know what to write about - GTA V is just obvious, as it's the most grossing entertainment title of all time. Halo started on previous generation and didn't really stay in the game. The Last of Us was great, but at that point there were better games (mechanically) and Telltale had upped the ante on scriptwriting. Mirror's edge was awesome, but it was short and EA decided to can any sequels after their short stint on actually trying to make something new. And while I loved Deus Ex: Human Revolution, because I am biased towards cyberpunk, the boss fights kinda ruined it. Oh and then there's the second franchise from when EA tried not to be moneygrubbing assholes.... Yes Mass Effect and Assassins Creed are both EA games. While I like Assassins Creed I hate what they did with the DLC. Day one is just fucked up.

Anyway. I don't really care about the new gen consoles, but as long as the old ones outnumber the new ones we both (PC and console players) are going to get downgraded games, because they have to work on the old consoles too without too much extra work.

P.s. I might be shipped abroad again. If so I can't update for a while. You will probably be ruined without my regular update schedule...

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